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Our New Website-Looking back

Posted by Claudia Mollzahn on
Sitting around a table in a cafe for our first website training

First Website Training with Rhiannon Griffiths from Peninsular

There is still a lot to do on our new website but we finally have transferred all administration and ownership duties to Claudia Mollzahn who has taken on this role as a volunteer for Women4Resources. In the next few weeks more exciting information and background details will be added until we will be able to take down the old site eventually. It has turned out to be a much longer process than we anticipated but we are nearly there. The new website will show regular news on what Women4Resources is up to, and it will be great for following the charities progress, and for getting involved in our projects.

Training and Info Days

A Day of Exploring Mentoring

Posted by Claudia Mollzahn on

Working in groups

Just one image from our brilliant Mentoring Training on July 14, at the Environment Centre in Swansea. 14 women spend a day learning about the mentoring relationship, good structures in mentoring, and how to find a mentor/mentee. We also had a chance to do some reflecting on our current practices, for those of us already involved with mentoring. A really worthwhile day.